Ali Siddiq's Hilarious Stand-Up

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Don't miss Ali Siddiq's hilarious stand-up comedy show at The Theater inside Virgin Hotels Las Vegas on Sep 01, 2024!

Comedian Ali Siddiq is set to take the stage at The Theater inside Virgin Hotels Las Vegas for one night only on September 01, 2024. Known for his unique style of stand-up comedy, Siddiq draws inspiration from his experiences in prison in Texas, making his real-life stories a must-see.

Ali Siddiq captivates audiences with his childhood tales, high-stakes anecdotes, and humorous run-ins with the police. His special, 'The Domino Effect Part 2: Loss,' showcases his comedic talent and storytelling prowess. With a delivery as comfortable as chatting with a good friend, Siddiq’s performance promises to be both engaging and hilarious.

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Show Details

90 Min

The Theater

Age: 4 and up

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Sep 01
7:00 PM
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